The year is moving on – remember the Duck Race day? The scarecrow festival? The fashion show? Well there is still more to come. We’ll be at Notcutts Woodford Garden Centre collecting your loose change and of course soon it will be time for Santa’s float.
Check when Santa is coming to your road  click here.

Following the success of our SANTA STOPS and SANTA TRACKER last year, we will be using both of these again this year. Check on the SANTA STOPS in your area here.   Our helpers will NOT be knocking on doors in these areas.  Please note it is not always possible for the float to travel down some roads as turning space is limited. We will pause at the ends of these roads. Again please use the tracker to find us.
We have added a new round. Welcome to the new home owners in Woodford Garden Village.

The SANTA TRACKER will be on this page and look like the picture below (but obviously in real time!).