Duck Race and Family Fun Day
was on Sunday May 20th


The winning ducks for the Bramhall and Woodford Rotary Club Duck Race and Family Fun Day are….

Race 1:
1st: 1863
2nd: 1181
3rd: 1138

Race 2:
1st: 2406
2nd: 2055
3rd: 2743

Race 3:
1st: 3212
2nd: 3471
3rd: 3421

Race 4:
1st: 4737
2nd: 4481
3rd: 4749

The winners have all been contacted (and were very happy!)

Best Dressed Duck

Bombay to Mumbai

Giant Duck Race Winners

Giant Race 1: Mounting Stone

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Barclays 11
2nd: Beard’s Butchers (joint 2nd) 3
2nd: Oscar Pet Food (joint 2nd) 22

Giant Race 2: Redrow Woodford

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Swanbourne Gardens 8
2nd: BMC Preschool 5
3rd: Your Support Team 9

Giant Race 3: Angela Beer Fashion

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Cheshire Art Gallery 8
2nd: Glo Tanning 7
3rd: Fords Lane Church 17

Giant Race 4: One and All Financial

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Modiste 21
2nd: Foster’s Fish & Chips 7
3rd: I Love Cheadle Hulme 5

Giant Race 5: Prydderch Financial Planning

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Pro Gem 4
2nd: Rainbow 88 5
3rd: Stratagem Wealth 22

Giant Race 6: Bombay to Mumbai

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: John Millington 15
2nd: Ladybrook Eyewear 4
3rd: Country Fayre 13

Giant Race 7: Home Instead

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Stockport Motor Mobile 2
2nd: BNI pyramid Group 15
3rd: Alice Pollard 19