duck race results

Duck Race and Family Fun Day
was on Sunday May 20th


The winning ducks for the Bramhall and Woodford Rotary Club Duck Race and Family Fun Day are….

Race 1:
1st: 1863
2nd: 1181
3rd: 1138

Race 2:
1st: 2406
2nd: 2055
3rd: 2743

Race 3:
1st: 3212
2nd: 3471
3rd: 3421

Race 4:
1st: 4737
2nd: 4481
3rd: 4749

The winners have all been contacted (and were very happy!)

Best Dressed Duck

Bombay to Mumbai

Giant Duck Race Winners

Giant Race 1: Mounting Stone

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Barclays 11
2nd: Beard’s Butchers (joint 2nd) 3
2nd: Oscar Pet Food (joint 2nd) 22

Giant Race 2: Redrow Woodford

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Swanbourne Gardens 8
2nd: BMC Preschool 5
3rd: Your Support Team 9

Giant Race 3: Angela Beer Fashion

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Cheshire Art Gallery 8
2nd: Glo Tanning 7
3rd: Fords Lane Church 17

Giant Race 4: One and All Financial

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Modiste 21
2nd: Foster’s Fish & Chips 7
3rd: I Love Cheadle Hulme 5

Giant Race 5: Prydderch Financial Planning

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Pro Gem 4
2nd: Rainbow 88 5
3rd: Stratagem Wealth 22

Giant Race 6: Bombay to Mumbai

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: John Millington 15
2nd: Ladybrook Eyewear 4
3rd: Country Fayre 13

Giant Race 7: Home Instead

Winners: Duck numbers:
1st: Stockport Motor Mobile 2
2nd: BNI pyramid Group 15
3rd: Alice Pollard 19