Events Programme

Visitors: If you wish to attend one of these events, please Contact us

Members: Apologies by 12.30pm Tuesday to



Wed 7th                   Fashion Show (no meeting at Ladybridge)
Mon 12th                 Council meeting
Wed 14th                 Global Warming – Stan Bowes
Wed 21st                  Peter Mount-   History of Manchester hospitals
Wed 28th                 Social – meal at Tre Ciccio


Wed 5th                   Committees
Tues 11th                 Santa Float – club collection night
Fri 14th                    Xmas party, Bramall Park Golf Club 1900 for 1930
Wed 12th, 19th & 26th   No Meeting
Sun 30th                   President’s Drinks  at Bar 78 degrees Bramhall (opposite Romulus) 12.00-14.00


Wed 2nd                    Committees
Wed 9th                     Float Quiz   NOTE: 1900 for 1930
Wed 16th                    Figen Murray – Radicalisation and M/Cr Bomb
Fri 25th                       Chads – The Thrill of Love. by Amanda Whittington
Wed 30th                    No meeting (5th Wed)

Future Dates

February 13th – Pat and Pam W – Life in Italy/Job talk
February 27th – Cheese making demonstration – Faye Kitching
March 6th – Fashion Show (provisional date)
March 13th – Dragons’ Den at Woodford Community Centre
March 20th – Eddie Tarry – Probation Service
April 12th – President’s Night   (was 5th)
Aprik 24th – Sam Addison – Global Sight Solutions
May 19th – Duck Race