Events Programme
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Dates are all Wednesdays and location is Ladybridge Club unless otherwise stated
Apologies: email by midday Tuesday
2   Committees  
7 Mon Council meeting  
9 Aug 2017 Kinder Mountain Rescue  
16   Crown green bowling  
20 Sun 11.00 Picnic in the Park - Sainsbury event  
23 Visit by Councillor Linda Holt - Mayor of Stockport
30   No meeting (5th Wed)  
6   Committees  
11 Mon Council meeting CANCELLED  
13   Mercato scarecrow meal  
16 Sun Sacrecrow judging (Festival runs 2nd to 16th)  
20 Sep 2017    
27   Visit to Beacon in Stockport 7pm  
4   Committees  
9 Mon Council meeting  
11   MAG Intl. Talk by Ellie Coult. Note that MAG is the Mines Action Group - which deals with landmine disposal  
18 Oct 2017 Charter Night  
1   Fashion Show – Deanwater  
8 Nov 2017 Committees  
13 Mon Council meeting  
15   Pyramid Bowling  
22   'Sanitation'. Dennis's sister Betty  
29   No meeting (5th Wed)  
Future dates   Dec 15 bpgc xmas, Jan 19th CHADS "Run for your life", Feb 14? escape room, Mar 23? Pres night,  20th May 2018 Duck Race  

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