Events Programme
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Dates are all Wednesdays and location is Ladybridge Club unless otherwise stated
Apologies: email by midday Tuesday
4   Committees  
9 Mon Council meeting  
11   MAG Intl. Talk by Ellie Coult. Note that MAG is the Mines Action Group - which deals with landmine disposal  
18 Oct 2017 Charter Night  
25   Nigel Richardson CBE  
1   Fashion Show – Deanwater  
8 Nov 2017 Committees
13 Mon Council meeting  
15   Pyramid Bowling  
22   'Sanitation'. Dennis's sister Betty  
29   Sweet packing at the Hills - from 6.30pm  
6   Committees  
12 Tues Our night on the Xmas float  
15 Fri Christmas Dinner at Bramall Park Golf Club  
20 Dec 2017 No meeting  
27 No meeting
3   Committees  
10   About me - Satish  
14 Sun President's drinks  
17 Jan 2018 No meeting  
19 Fri CHADS Theatre evening "Run for your life"  
24   Tony Nightingale – Print talk  
31   No meeting (5th Wed)  
7   Committees  
14 Feb Escape Room  
21   BHS Pupils' visit (prov.)  
28   UK Biobank – Simon Sheard  
7   Committees  
14   Jon Lamonte – Transport for GM  
21 Mar No meeting (see Fri)  
23 Fri President's Night  
28   Bridge2aid  
Future dates    20th May  Duck Race  

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